Abuja City Guide: Best Hotels, Restaurants & Sights

Abuja is a beautiful city, being the capital of Nigeria which means that a lot of important buildings and many tourist attractions can be found here, at the core of Africa.


Sightseeing & Attractions in Abuja Nigeria | Image source: Wikipedia

If you’ve never visited this continent before, Abuja is a great place to start because you will be able to experience the many cultural opportunities as well as leisure activities while benefiting from high quality hotels, amazing places where you can eat and lots of shops where you can buy great souvenirs from.

Best Hotels in the City

The acommodation in Abuja is versatile and you can either book a hotel that is close to the airport or one that is in the heart of the city in order to experience its vibe.

For more information on accomodation, you should check out the hotel booking category on this page.

Things You Have to See in Abuja

What are the things that you shouldn’t miss out on while you’re in Abuja?

The National Mosque

Abuja National Mosque

Abuja National Mosque | Image Source: Wikipedia

Built in 1984, this spiritual building is an indication of the religion that is very popular in Nigeria.

The Abuja Millennium Park

Located in Maitama, a region of Abuja, this is the biggest park in this city and it has a river crossing it and dividing the park in two parts. It’s no doubt that this place has remarkable landscapes that you are able to enjoy.

IBB International Golf Course

abuja Golf Course

No matter if you are a fan of golf or not, the wonderful and relaxing atmosphere that you can encounter there is worth a visit and who knows, as a beginner, you might actually start liking golf more than you thought you would.

Grand Towers Mall


This is the best place for you to get lost in and shop, the building itself representing a remarkable architectural creation.

The National Assembly

The National Assembly

There aren’t any official tours but if you’re lucky enough, you might get a glimpse of some of Nigeria’s important political figures

Bars and Restaurants

restaurants in abuja

When it comes to food in Abuja, you can eat anything from local Nigerian dishes to the food that is specific to other regions of the world.

  • Waikki’s Restaurant – If you’d like to try out some Indian dishes, then you definitely need to try out Waikki’s Restaurant which happens to be located close to Sheraton hotel.
  • Al Basha Palace – Here you can find some of the best Continental and Mediterranean food in Abuja.
  • Chase Restaurant Terrace – The Sunday Brunch (a mix of Chinese and Libanese food) is great there.