Transport and Directions to and from Abuja Airport

The Abuja Airport is also called Nnamdi Azikiwe International Airport and it is situated approximatelly 40 kilometers away from the city centre and the average time from there to the airport is around 25 to 30 minutes, which is reasonable.

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Airport transportation to Abuja by Taxi

Wikitravel definitely gives you the advice to only take the Green Cab from the airport to the city upon arrival in Abuja because this is the safest one. It’s also advisable to get in the cab only with the people you came to Abuja with and not with people that you meet there on the spot. Riding in Abuja cabs with strangers is very risky.

If you take the cab from the airport to the city centre it will cost you between 20$ and 30$ (or from N3000 to N5000in Nigerian money), the price varying on the exact location that you want to go to.

Rent a car at The Airport

You can make an online reservation for a car rental directly from the Abuja Airport by visiting section Rent a Car Abuja section where you can get the best rates and deals available.

Renting a car in Abuja isn’t considered the best option, given the fact that the traffic lights stop from time to time and drivers in Abuja tend to drive very close to the rest of the cars which often represents the cause of accidents.

Abuja Airport Local / Commercial Transport

abc transport abuja

ABC Transport in Abuja

There is a bus service available when you leave Abuja Airport and get on the main road, according to but you will have to carry your luggages to the bus stop.

If you took a lot of luggage with you, it might be a bit hard to place them on the bus and then off. In addition to this, it takes a while to get to your destination, considering the bus has various stops on the way.

This is why people who have travelled to Abuja before advise future tourists to take a taxi or rent a car instead.